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ChemSharp™ is a service of OrthoGroup, Inc.

With international headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, OrthoGroup is an innovator and leading designer in the manufacture and global distribution of services and devices for the orthpedic surgey marketplace. Since its founding in 2003, OrthoGroup, Inc. has been committed to product innovation, use of leading-edge technologies and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

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What is ChemSparp? What is Chemical Honing?

ChemSharp is a new patent-pending precision sharpening process called Chemical Honing. Chemical Honing sharpens cutting edges by removing an ultra-thin veneer off of the outside surface of the tool. This process has been thoroughly tested measuring accuracy of cuts before and after sharpening. With shell reamer sets, the cuts are not only more accurate and consistent, but also reflect the target size better when sharp, rather than dull, shell reamer sets are used.

Worn shell reamers, besides leading to surgeon frustration, also lead to excess heat generation when cutting dense, cortical bone. Under those difficult conditions the surgeon must lean in to provide additional force to overcome the poor cutting performance of the worn shell reamer. The excessive application of force can compromise reaming accuracy, is hard on the surgeon and on the reamer handles driving the shells. They can even compromise the reliability of the driving instruments.

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Shell Reamer Sharpness

Before resharpening, your inventory of shell reamers will be of various sharnesses. Even within your set, your shells' sharpnesses will vary according to a bell curve with the middlemost sizes used the most, in most cases. The outlying sized shells, however, may still be dull due to handling and sterilization processes over time.

How do you Know if Your Cutting Instruments are Dull?

- Do you wait until your surgeons complain?
- Do you monitor the age of your instruments and count how many times they are used?
- Do you just visually inspect and/or tactilely feel the edges of your instruments?

ChemSharp Now Provides a Sharpness Evaluation Tool:

Call us now and we will mail to you our FREE-TO-YOU ChemSharp Sharpness Evaluator.

With our Sharpness Evaluator you can now rapidly determine if your cutting edges are sharp or dull. To use, simply drag the sharpness evaluation tool over the teeth of your shell and notice the dramatic difference between dull and sharp teeth. This tool quickly allows you to cull sets that would otherwise likely make it into surgery. Your surgeons will thank you.

The Advantage of ChemSharp

Re-sharpening by hand had been the only way to extend the life of a dull shell reamer set, until now. It is a slow and tedious operation to perform on a single shell (each with 30 or more teeth), repeated on as many as 24 shells in a set. Now only is this process slow, but hand re-sharpening creates variability in sharpness and tooth size from one tooth to the next and from one shell to the next.

Compared to hand re-sharpening, ChemSharp is a faster, more consistent and validated process that yields superior results.