• Chemical Sharpening of Surgical Cutting Instruments

    The ChemSharp™ process is designed to chemically hone:
    • •   Acetabular Shell Reamers
    • •   Glenoid Reamers
    • •   Femoral Broaches
    • •   Box Osteotomes
    • •   Femoral Canal Reamers
    • •   Calcar Planers – and more

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The ChemSharp Edge:

  • Sharpens your dull shell reamers – and other precision cutting edges.

  • Improves surgeon satisfaction by providing sharper, faster and more precise cutting.

  • Quadruples the life of your acetabular shell reamer sets and other precision cutting instruments. A HUGE COST SAVINGS.

  • Keeps you from having to constantly replace your shell reamer sets.

  • Fast turnaround service, usually in a week or less. Two-Day express service available.

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